Flower Arrangement Competition


John Keats said ‘A thing of beauty is a joy forever’ and though flowers fade, and their beauty is but fleeting, the joy they give to the beholder is something to be cherished, and that was the aim of the showcases at the Easypack flower arrangement competition. Held on 14th November, 2009. The competition was organised in Juniper Office.

The flower arrangement dazzled the viewers and judges with vivid colours and intricate and creative arrangements. Some incorporated Lotus in ponds, while others used colourful Roses into the design.The sections were diverse, from traditional arrangements to modernistic arrangements with angular frames and sharp lines.

There were total 18 participants who took great interest in showcasing their talents in decorating the flower arrangements. Each participant had to think of a themes and arrange the flowers in an hours time. Ecah flower arrangement was very unique and innoviately decorated. There were various themes arrangements like “Evening In Paris”, “Radha Krishna in Paradise”, “Freedom”. Each participant took lot of effort to decorate there flower arrangement.

The Judges for the event were Mr. Suresh Junghare, Sir Arun Saxena and Madam Gulrukh Mehta. Mr.Junghare and the other judges gave there judgement on each flower arrangement accordingly and gave his inputs and suggestions to all the   participants on how they could improve on flower arrangement.


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