As a corporate social responsibility initiative, our company is dedicated towards contributing to the society by supporting various social causes. One such initiative is the Blood Donation Camp organized every year.

The measure of life is not its duration, but its donation – Peter Marshall

Numerous people die during surgeries due to lack of adequate blood supply on time. According to medical experts, one unit of blood can save the lives of as much as three people. Easypack believes in contributing for such a life saving cause by organizing annual Blood Donation initiative. We firmly regard this noble donation to be our duty and above any caste or religion.

This year, Easypack has organized the Camp on 15th of November, 2011. The camp will start at 1:30pm, in the office premises (Hi-Tech office). Our partners in this initiative are Jeevan Jyoti Blood bank with whom we have organized several camps in the past. Easypack is proud to announce that our employees participated in huge numbers during the past camps, making the activity incredibly successful. This year too we encourage and urge our team members to participate in the Camp and contribute to this noble cause.


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