Growing consumerism has led to an increase in the amount of waste material throughout the world. The waste materials that are not biodegradable often pollute the environment causing environmental hazards. With the view of inculcating interesting ways of reusing waste materials, Easypack organized a ‘Craft making Competition with used things’ for its employees. The competition was held on September 15th, 2012, at the company’s Hi-Tech campus.

For the competition, employees brought waste materials like, coconut shells, baby socks, broken bangles, old plastic bottles, broom sticks etc., from their home and made interesting craft articles. Employees were divided in sixteen groups and were allotted 60 minutes for completing their artwork. Those with the artwork involving maximum use of waste articles that could be transformed into new useful articles were chosen as winners. Employees made several articles like wall hanging, flower pots, dolls etc. from the used materials. Winners were :
1st winning group : Jayashree Shelke ,Shubhangi Nimaje
2nd winning group: Babita Thakur & Deepali Patil
All the participating employees were wholeheartedly appreciated by the judges, for their creativity .


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