Easypack teams up with EcoCentric(TM), Mumbai to support safe E-recycling.

EcoCentricAdvancement and rapid innovations in technology, falling prices of available technology, and planned obsolescence of outdated electronics have resulted in a fast-growing surplus of electronic waste around the globe. As per a report by UNEP, India is estimated to increase the amount of e-waste produced, by almost 500%, over the next decade. This alarming increase will result in significant deterioration of human health & environment.

As part of our philosophy to ensure that our business thrives in a safe and healthy environment, we have teamed up with EcoCentric, a e-recycling company based in Mumbai, that offers electronic waste recycling solutions to responsible companies who want to discard their ‘E-waste’ in an eco-friendly manner.

We are proud to be the first company in Nagpur, to be associated with EcoCentric. Through this association, we plan to start the process of making the surrounding corporate and domestic sectors aware of the hazards of e-waste and at the same time provide them solution and guidance to dispose off their e-waste in a safe and environment friendly manner.

As part of our undertaking to promote and propagate this healthy practice, we encourage all the corporate and domestic sectors in Nagpur to channelize the disposition of their e-waste through us.

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