Easypack pioneers e-waste recycling in Nagpur, with Ecocentric (TM) .

DSC04723Taking forward our commitment to ensure an eco friendly sustenance of our business, Easypack recently gave away a large amount of e-waste for environment friendly recycling. In Nagpur, we are the first company to give e-waste for environment friendly recycling. The e-waste was gathered over a period of time and given in bulk to EcocentricTM, a Mumbai-based company specializing in ecofriendly E-recycling.

Easypack gave away a large number of electronic waste goods such as motherboards, mobiles, keyboards and other computer accessories. The waste was collected by a company representative from Easypack’s premises and taken to an eco friendly recycling unit.

It is a matter of great pride and honor for us, to be associated with a practice of environment friendly e-recycling and we shall ensure the continuation of this practice. Easypack urges its fellow domestic businesses, employees and individuals to dispose off e-waste in a safe and environment friendly manner. As part of our undertaking to promote and propagate this eco friendly practice, we encourage all the corporate and domestic sectors in Nagpur to channelize the disposition of their e-waste through us.

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What is E-recycling?
It is recycling or reuse of computers or other electronic devices for alternate usage.

Why E-recycling?
Some reasons why electronic goods must be recycled:
1. They are a valuable source for secondary raw materials, if treated properly.
2. If disposed improperly, they are a source of toxins and carcinogens (cancer causing agents).
3. Improper disposition causes tremendous hazards to bio-environment in terms of air pollution and land pollution.

What can be given for e-recycling?
Some examples of items that can be given for e-recycling:
1. Computer Monitor
2. Keyboard
3. Motherboard
4. CPU
5. Mouse
6. Telephones
7. Mobile handsets & chargers
8. Wires
9. Transistors
10. Printers
11. Tubes& bulbs
12. Fuses
And any other goods that use electricity for functioning.


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