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International Women’s Day celebration at Easypack

On the occassion of International Women’s Day, an interactive discussion on the dietary habits of women was conducted at Easypack. The main focus of this program was on critical nutritional requirement & supplement of regular physical exercise .The chief speaker on this occassion was Dr. Mrs. Archana Deshpande MD, Professor, Lata Mangeshkar Hospital. During the session various topics such as, how to balance diet and exercise, lifestyle changes for better constitutional health, essential nutrition for women etc., were discussed. The event received a great response from all the women employees.


Easypack completes 11 years of Digitizing.

Employees displaying their creativity.Easypack completed 11 years of Digitizing process on 14th of February, 2013. To commemorate this achievement, a salad making competition was organised at the company’s Hi tech premises. A large number of employees enthusiastically participated in the competition and showcased their salad making skills. The winners were awarded with cash prizes.


DSC04553DSC04570Easypack organized its annual Blood Donation camp on December 1st, 2012. The camp was organized in the company’s HiTech office. Like every year, large number of employees participated in the blood donation camp. The camp was organized with Jeevan Jyoti Blood Bank, Nagpur. The doctors and the staff of the blood bank extended their fullest cooperation to make the camp sucessful.

Before donation, each donor’s health vitals such as blood pressure, hemoglobin etc. was checked by medical officials from Jeevan Jyoti blood bank. Post donation certificates, T-shirts and snacks were distributed among the donors. We are proud to announce that this year 61 employees participated in the camp. In this regards, we would like to congratulate our team members for participating in this noble cause, making the camp , a grand success.


Growing consumerism has led to an increase in the amount of waste material throughout the world. The waste materials that are not biodegradable often pollute the environment causing environmental hazards. With the view of inculcating interesting ways of reusing waste materials, Easypack organized a ‘Craft making Competition with used things’ for its employees. The competition was held on September 15th, 2012, at the company’s Hi-Tech campus.

For the competition, employees brought waste materials like, coconut shells, baby socks, broken bangles, old plastic bottles, broom sticks etc., from their home and made interesting craft articles. Employees were divided in sixteen groups and were allotted 60 minutes for completing their artwork. Those with the artwork involving maximum use of waste articles that could be transformed into new useful articles were chosen as winners. Employees made several articles like wall hanging, flower pots, dolls etc. from the used materials. Winners were :
1st winning group : Jayashree Shelke ,Shubhangi Nimaje
2nd winning group: Babita Thakur & Deepali Patil
All the participating employees were wholeheartedly appreciated by the judges, for their creativity .

Easypack Conducts team building activity

A team bulding activity named ‘Picture Perfect’ was organised at Easypack . The activity The activity was carried out at all the four premises of the organization.
For the activity , employees were randomly divided into teams comprising of 4 players each. Each team was given a puzzle that they had to assemble within a time frame of 10 mins. The team to complete the puzzle in the shortest span of time was declared the winner.
While the main aim of this exercise was to provide a little breather to the employees from their hectic work schedule, it also helped the employees to help undertsand the essence of ‘team sprit’. Moreover, employees came out of their comfort zone and experienced what is is like, to form and accomplish a task as a new team.

Easypack conducts workshop on “Responsibility, Accountability, Goal Setting and Targets”, for its management staff.

Easypack recently conducted a two day workshop on “Responsibility, Accountability, Goal Setting and Targets”, for its management staff. The workshop was conducted on the 22 nd & 23 rd June, 2012.
Chief speaker, Lt Cdr (Ex) Mahendra Kakde of Indian Navy,CEO, CLIDE Management Consultancy Private Limited Nagpur, addressed the staff on this occasion. The workshop aimed to enhance the vision and performance of the Managerial cadre with a focus on overall improvment. It was attended by CM, Managers, Dy.Managers and Asst. Managers of the organization. The workshop was very well received by the staff.

Carrom competition at Easypack

It was an atmosphere of fun and competition at Easypack, where the company organized a carom competition for its employees. The competition was held on the 15th and 16th of June 2012 in the Hi –Tech premises.
Numerous employees from both shifts participated in this two day competition. The game was played between doubles ,where each team consisted of two people. The 1st prize was awarded to Mr. Rahul Deshpande & Mr. Yogesh Kokate and the 2nd prize was given to Mr. Virendra Shai & Mr. Ajit Atey. Winners were awarded cash prizes by CM, Mrs. Gulrukh Mehta.